This Month's featured deck!

The African Tarot

✨ The African Tarot is by far one of our favorite decks here at The Rebellious Gem! ✨

✨  We love anything inclusive and diverse and this deck is rich with African-themed imagery! ✨

✨ This highly stylized set of tarot cards will draw you in with their vivid colors and spectacular silhouettes.  Using geometric shapes that hearken back to Egyptian hieroglyphs, these cards are filled with striking, earthy colors such as rich brown ambers, dark greens, and burnt oranges. ✨

✨ Figures in this deck are adorned with beautifully patterned African attire with unique themes symbolizing each suit. For example, the suit traditionally known as the Wands is in this deck depicted with an elongated staff. African scenery and animals also permeate this deck where you will see fertile landscapes, ferocious lions, serene zebras, and majestic elephants throughout. 

✨  Try the African Tarot for a refreshingly diverse take on tarot that is sure to add a different perspective to any intuitive messages you receive! ✨

✨ This deck will be 20% OFF this month only so shop now!✨

20% OFF through 7/5!


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