TRG Update ~ Four Months In ~ 6 Things I've Learned Since Starting This Business

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

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6 Things I've Learned Since Starting My Business ~ TRG Update ~ Four Months In

This blog post is a week late as we've been doing a lot of planning for the year ahead. Had this gone according to plan initially, this would have been posted last Wednesday, December 8th, on would have been the TRUE four-month anniversary of the launch of The Rebellious Gem.

Yes, can you believe it? It's been four months since the business you've probably never heard of, launched LOL!

To the one who birthed this project, though, it almost seems like a lifetime. By the way, you'll see/hear me swap between singular and plural pronouns often because I'm manifesting my soul team. :D :D :D

So although "we've" been planning for the year ahead, this is still very much so - a one-woman show!

Ok, now, for the TRG update. Although we initially launched our website on 8/8, it was actually on 4/8/2021 that I resigned from my corporate job, which technically means I've been on this journey for eight months as of last week. I said all that to say that, although we launched the website four months ago, only about three months of pre-launch work went into the site. I know you're thinking, wait, four-plus three doesn't math to eight. I took a month off before putting any real thought or effort into a business.

So what have I learned "four" months into this? Well, I learned that I spent three months hyper-focused on the paperwork and the website's look. I built it myself, and it definitely took time, but I would have approached my strategy completely differently in hindsight. These are some of the things I've learned:


I saw a post on Instagram about a month after the website launched that said something like going into business is 10% fine-tuning the idea, 20% paper/legal work, 20% website/product work, AND 50% SOCIAL MEDIA WORK! Had we seen this post before we launched, we would have approached our strategy entirely differently! One learns very quickly that you can not scale without social media. If you are thinking about going into business for yourself, consider everything from the lens of how you plan to leverage social media. Social media is heavily involved and time-consuming. You have to consider how much time you have to dedicate toward content planning and creation, define your message and how to clearly and concisely deliver that message, who your intended audience is, and what social media outlet you will use to reach them (they all serve a different purpose). You also have to consider what your advertising budget is, and how you plan to distribute that budget across those multiple outlets. I could further discuss what I've learned about the impact of social media on business; however, all you need to focus on is that social media is king!

2. LEAD WITH YOUR PASSION! I had no idea what I wanted to do at the onset of this journey; I just knew I wanted to make an impact in some way. I knew I could talk spirituality all day, every day, and wanted to impact humanity on a large scale. I remember gluing ‘100 million YouTube views' back when I created my 2019 vision board and thinking it was a fluke because I had no idea how my non-photogenic, scary camera ass was even going to do that. So although I knew I wanted a spiritual blog of some sort, I worked on the website first because I knew I needed to generate some schmoney to live! When I was having one of those 'this isn't working' panic moments we all have as business owners, a good friend reminded me to lead with my passion, which is my message. Your passion will drive you when you need it most and never lead you astray. Your passion or message will always provide a clear vision of your path forward. Even when your vision becomes blurry, your passion will give you the internal confirmation you need to know you are on the right track. Your passion is your gift to the world. Always lead with your passion.


It's one of those sayings that, although sound so cliche, is oh so very true. You have to start somewhere! Sitting on your idea is the equivalent of sitting on your fortune. Don't allow your subconscious to mask your fear under the guise of 'perfection.' Nothing is ever perfect to start. Kush wasn't built in a day. If you allow yourself the room, you will continue to find reasons or make excuses that keep you from starting if you let them! So start that thang!

4. DON'T BE AFRAID TO PIVOT! Your business, passion, vision, gift, or message will continuously evolve, often quickly and unexpectedly. The power and longevity of anything substantial that can withstand the test of time lies in its ability to evolve. Look at your favorite artists. Those that have lasted for multiple decades have had to reinvent themselves multiple times. You can't be so headstrong on your vision that you are too afraid or stubborn to not know when to pivot. That's the mark of every successful brand. If you want what you are creating to last, you can't be scared of change or evolution. Don't be afraid to pivot!


Any confusion, go back to point number 1. Sigh…. Let me reiterate. We are going into 2022, and social media is king. There are very few types of businesses that don't benefit from it. Going into business, I quickly learned that I needed to become proficient at photos, video, editing, angles, lighting, working apps, etc.… If you're not from this social media, everything is on stage for the world to see an era, then it's a lot to learn. It doesn't matter if you like it or not. If you want your business to be successful and scale, especially as we head into this age of all things Metaverse, you will become a videographer!

6. TRUST! We/I, really do believe there are truths in every spiritual practice, which is good because whatever you choose to believe in, you will have to lean into that! Aside from some sage advice from trusted sources, the only thing that has kept me together along this journey is my trust in the God I know guides me. There is a calmness and stillness there that leads me without fail when I slow down and tune in. I/we trust in that. I know when something doesn't feel right, but even better, I know when it does. Whatever that is for you, whatever you know you are being led to do, lean into that and TRUST!

So - that's the tiny bit of nothingness that I've learned in my time on this spiritual business journey so far. Trusting the intended audience will find something useful in what I've shared.

Thanks for placing your eyeballs on my content!

The Rebellious Gem
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