The Metaverse - Spirituality's Trojan Horse

Updated: Jan 31

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Is The Metaverse Spirituality's Trojan Horse?

"There is a shift happening in humanity, a shift in consciousness" ~ Ekhart Tolle.

The war of good against evil for the hearts of men has been ongoing since the dawn of time. The recent rise in the popularity of spirituality and those seeking to elevate their consciousness has been exciting to watch. However, it begs the question, how would you stop humanity's awakening if you were losing the war on consciousness on a global scale? Why, you send in a massive Trojan Horse, with a big red bow on it!

A trojan horse is something that a target willingly lets in, allowing the sender to siege said target, overtaking them to win the war. Usually, the trojan horse itself replicates or very closely resembles the mark. So again, if you were losing the war on consciousness on a global scale, what could you send in that closely resembles consciousness, ascension, and the spiritual journey that could also thwart individual and collective awakening and empowerment? Enter the Metaverse.

"Without collective awakening, the catastrophe will come." ~ Nhat Hanh

So how does the Metaverse (MV) closely replicate or resemble spirituality? Glad you asked. All of the subsequently referenced quotes come from the video on Meta's YouTube channel, where they introduced MV to the public. The video is titled "The Metaverse and How We'll Build It Together - Connect 2021" if you would like to check it out for yourself.

Let's start with the name itself. Etymology online defines Meta as 1. "after, behind; among, between," 2. "changed, altered," 3. "higher, beyond," 4. "in pursuit or quest of; after, next after, behind," in compounds most often meaning "change" of place, condition, etc. And of course, Verse means the Universe or Life. It sounds like you can safely surmise that in the Metaverse, you can alter, change, elevate or live beyond your current life. That in itself sounds a lot like the spiritual journey, but the correlations run even more profound.

In the introductory video, Zuck gives the Metaverse's eight basic concepts, all of which surprisingly resemble spirituality and the ascension journey. The parallels for each of the concepts he mentioned are many, starting with the first. He said this of concept number one, presence, "the feeling of presence... is the defining quality of the Metaverse." Not surprisingly, spiritual leaders and ascended masters throughout history have stressed the importance of presence and the power of the present moment. That's what spirituality and meditation do, teach you the importance of being present in the now.

"A lot of us will be creating and inhabiting worlds that are as detailed and convincing as this one on a daily basis." ~ Mark Zuckerberg

The second and third concepts he mentioned were avatars and home space. So you can create an avatar in the MV, meaning you can create a digital version of yourself that is exactly who you would want to be in real life. The parallels are pretty straightforward there, as anybody on this spiritual journey knows you cannot be empowered or live life consciously without doing the work to become who you truly desire and are meant to be. In the MV, you can also create your home space. You can take that literally and internally when comparing creating your home space with spirituality. Once you become aligned with your true self, you learn to create a peaceful, tranquil, and inviting internal home space. You also become empowered and learn to manifest external life exactly how you dream it should be. You realize that you are boundless and can do anything you imagine.

"The metaverse is all about co-creating" Vishal - Head of Metaverse products.

Teleporting and interoperability were the following two concepts Mark mentioned. The ability to transport to other locations, move or manipulate objects, or go to a different space and time. It sounds a lot like people who can lucid dream to other times and places or those who have learned to move objects with their energy. Whether you believe in their ability or not, we've all heard of telepathy, astral projection, levitation, clairvoyance, and many of the other spiritual gifts that come with an expanded consciousness.

Interoperability is also a crucial concept when awakening spiritually. Ask anyone who has tried to have a conversation with someone who isn't on a spiritual journey. You get the fluoride stare. When you begin awakening to your authentic self and how reality really works, you have to learn a new way to operate and integrate seamlessly with the outside world.

"Privacy and safety will be built into the metaverse" ~ Mark Zuckerberg.

Privacy and safety was another one of the concepts mentioned. On this spiritual journey, you quickly learn that energy is your currency. You innerstand the importance of energy, energetic transactions, and of safeguarding and protecting your energy, especially when interacting with others. The same way crypto is your currency in the Metaverse, energy is your currency here in this physical world. The same way you would safeguard and protect the safety of your home space and your crypto is the same way you should safeguard and protect the safety of your homebody and your energy.

The last two concepts were virtual goods and natural interfaces. Being able to purchase virtual goods with crypto is the same way we create in our lives with energy. Align your energy and frequency with whatever you want, and you can have it. Easy. Once you begin to know and master your energy, you start looking for like-minded individuals who vibrate on a similar frequency. You begin looking for connections and places that resonate where you can naturally interface and align.

"If you want to control a population, give them a god to worship." ~ Noam Chomsky

So, is the Metaverse the trojan horse against humanity in the spiritual war for consciousness and ascension? Maybe, maybe not, but at the very least, it could be a huge distraction that would inevitably slow the pace of global ascension. Humanity is already desperately looking for a way to transcend, build authentic lives and advance as a collective. As virtual and augmented reality continue to shape our world, giving people a false sense of having the ability to create a new digital being with an altered state of existence is an intoxicating way to distract them from their divinity and true authentic power. It’s also a clever way to slow global ascension on a mass scale.

There's no mistaking it; the Metaverse will undoubtedly revolutionize communication, community, business, and just about every area of life. Those who are smart enough to capitalize as this new medium advances will indeed become rich but let's be honest, for most, the Metaverse will become a means of escaping reality and a distraction from the work they came here to do. Evolve as souls and as a collective.

“The real revolution is the evolution of consciousness." ~ Unknown

Just some food for thought.

Thanks for placing your eyeballs on this content!

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